Friday, December 14, 2012

SVN Best practices

  • Update your svn projects before start working 
  • Do not commit broken/error/unstructured code/functionality  (Test before committing if possible!)
  • Commit as soon as a piece of the functionality is completed
  • Branch life should not be too long living branches increase merge conflicts , This forces you to keep small units of work
  • Every commit should have a purpose and meaningful comments. Commits with no purpose to be avoided, If possible,one functionality whole set of files should be commits at once 
  • Here are the bad comments: "update" , "modification of new features"
  • Here are the good comments: "Adding new classes to cater to requirement spec 1.1" 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Performance of Sub-query vs Joins in SQL

In any kind of computer applications have to use any relational database management system to persist the records for feature use, many people have been involved how to retrieve much more record in a shortest possible time , In RDBMs have may tables they have single or composite primary key , this is call entity integrity , those table are inter-related with using foreign keys, it is call referential integrity, today my idea to present comparision of performace of Sub-query vs Joins , Sub-query and Joins are main two techniques to combine two or more table and retrieve selected field from each tables